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A Message from Team UAH
Attack on America

Dear Friends,

Our country recently suffered a horrible and cowardly attack.  Most of us are still shocked and angered by what has happened, and many feel nearly helpless at this point.

But our nation still stands strong and there is much we can do.  Please consider flying our American flag either from your home, from your business, from your car, or from your mailbox; donate blood or money to the Red Cross; or, simply say a prayer for those who have suffered trauma or loss.

Let the pictures the world sees of our country, over the next few days, be not that of a whimpering, wounded nation licking its wounds, but that of strong, powerful people standing shoulder to shoulder with a single message...

I AM AN AMERICAN...............that will not be defeated by these actions........part of the strongest nation on earth..........standing ready in defense of my country: "one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Warning:  Some of the scenes in the following PowerPoint presentation are wrenching and viewer discretion is advised.

"Attack" PowerPoint Download (847360 bytes)

"You don't know my people.  You don't know what we're capable of.  You don't know what you just started........But you're about to learn." - Leonard Pitts, Jr.