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Welcome to the world's largest and most comprehensive data base on concrete canoeing.

When you enter through our gateway, you'll find links to sponsors, participants, data bases, libraries, photo galleries, video promotions, tips, and feature articles.  
So whether you're building a concrete canoe just for fun, or aspiring to become a power player at the national level, this site is for you!

Created as a portal to student and professional organizations worldwide, this site caters to a diverse audience ranging from the avid canoeist to the most serious national contender.


Articles and Videos

We've added this partition to highlight key articles and videos related to concrete canoeing. Our objective is to give our visitors an appreciation of the history of the sport and allow serious competitors to gain a competitive advantage by seeing some of the best deliveries in the game. At the same time, we want you to have fun and keep abreast of new developments in concrete canoeing.  We'll be expanding this library and updating information on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often to see what's new.

Re: Concrete Canoe History - UIUC and UAH keep records of years past...

 Things have changed quite a bit since this cartoon was published in 1974.

"Forty Years of Concrete Canoe at Illinois." - video produced by Armen Amirkhanian (UIUC) as a trailer for the 2011 competition in Evansville, IN. It was created to showcase the history and accomplishments of the Boneyard Yacht Club at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign... the team that started it all way back in 1970. Armen became infatuated with concrete canoeing when he accompanied his Dad, Serji, to the national competitions. Serji served as the faculty advisor to Clemson's 3CT since, well, what seemed like forever... until Brad Putman took the helm.

"Boneyard Yacht Club Concrete Canoe Team, CEE at Illinois." - video produced in 2010 by R.J. Mosborg after Armen became the faculty advisor for the BYC at UIUC. Check out the thermo graphic images at frame time 3:31 and the credits at 5:18 to and Concrete Canoe Pictures (see links on our main menu).  Two years later, Armen and the Yacht Club gave it their all as the host of the 2013 NCCC.

"Concrete Canoe Fever" - article written by Francis Young (UIUC) and John Gilbert (UAH) documenting the history and evolution of concrete canoeing. Young and Gilbert both served as ASCE faculty advisors for decades. Francis won many of the first faculty races held at the regional level in the early '70s while John won the only two faculty races ever held for points at the U.S. nationals... a sprint race in 1994 and a slalom in 1996. The points he earned in 1994 enabled UAH to sweep the competition... making them the only team in history to do so.

Ok, so concrete canoeing has become an international epidemic but what does it take to become a national champion?  Here's how it's done... 

Re: Concrete Canoe Competition - Cal Poly - SLO and ETS document their rise to victory...

"Vintage" (left)  and "Grand Prix" (right) paved the way to national wins by Cal Poly - SLO and ETS, respectively.

"Cal Poly Concrete Canoe" - this video shows how Cal Poly - SLO built "Vintage" which propelled the team to a first place finish in the Pacific Southwest Conference; and, a win in the final product category as well as a third place finish overall at the 2009 NCCC. The team went on to win three consecutive national titles in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

"Canoë de Béton de l'ÉTS Video Officiel 2011-2012" - this video shows how ETS built "Grand Prix" which propelled them to a first place finish in the Upstate New York Conference, a second place finish at the Canadian Nationals, and sixth place overall at the 2012 NCCC. In 2013, the team went on to win the first U.S. title held by a Canadian team.

Now that you know a little bit more about the competition, let's focus on paddling...

Re: Concrete Canoe Races - Once upon a time, there was a fierce nautical rivalry...  

At the 2005 NCCC, the Wisconsin Badgers (left) won two races while Clemson's 3CT (right) took the other three.

"2008 National Concrete Canoe Men's Final" - the most frequently watched paddling video in the history of concrete canoeing shows members of Wisconsin's "six pack" paddling to victory in "Buckingham" during the men's sprint final at the 2008 NCCC in Montreal, Canada. Wisconsin's canoe was designed by David Blodgett who is racing in the bow. David was an avid kayaker and, at the time,  the Badgers were the defending champions with five consecutive national titles to their credit.

"2008 National Concrete Canoe Women's Final" - two members of Wisconsin's female contingent paddle to clear victory in the women's sprint final at the 2008 NCCC in Montreal, Canada.

 "2008 National Concrete Canoe Co-Ed Final" - team captain, David Blodgett, pulls off a risky dual slice at the turn buoy to propel Wisconsin's co-ed team to a decisive victory in the co-ed sprint final at the 2008 NCCC in Montreal, Canada.

 "2003 National Concrete Canoe Competition - Part I" - this video is a well kept secret but clearly demonstrates the Badger's paddling prowess as they ramp up their stroke rate to a staggering 110 strokes per minute at frame time 11:06.  This propelled the team to the first of five consecutive national victories. The Badgers later extracted still photographs from the footage and added a musical score to produce "2003 National Concrete Canoe Competition - Part II."  

If you're a part of your concrete canoe team and you haven't gotten the gist of racing your boat by now, you'd better focus on making the presentation.  Here's how it's done...

Re: Oral Presentations - The Bears step up to the podium... 

"Bear Area" - this presentation enabled Berkeley to win the presentation category at the 2009 NCCC in Tuscaloosa, Alabama which propelled the Bears to their fifth victory with "Bear Area".

"Vocal" - this presentation on "Vocal" enabled the Berkeley Bears to win the presentation category at the 2008 NCCC in Montreal, Canada. This set them up for victory in 2009. 

Re: See what's in store for 2014...

"Episode 11 - Kaleidoscope" -  Pitt-Johnstown, host of the 2014 NCCC, discusses their involvement in the national concrete canoe competition.  See Episode 11 entitled, "Team Work."

Re: Concrete Canoe Magazine...

In 2006, alumni from Laval published the inaugural issue of "Concrete Canoe Magazine." Their intent was to disseminate knowledge and recent developments in concrete canoeing and to share experiences among concrete canoe enthusiasts and former participants. Volumes were produced in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. If you haven't seen them yet, you can download PDF copies... free... by visiting:

Concrete Canoe Magazine