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About the Canadian Competition

Concrete canoe competitions were reportedly organized in Canada by Sheridan College and Seneca College during the mid-'70s... but interest in the sport dwindled by 1980.

École de Technologie Supérieure

It wasn't until the Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS) was founded in Montreal in 1994 that concrete canoe competitions were reintroduced.

ETS hosted 4 competitions before other schools took the lead.

Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi

Rotation began in 1998 with Sherbrooke, Queen's, Laval, and Toronto serving as the hosts of what has now become the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC). 

Nowadays, the rules are based on the U.S. Nationals; and. 10 to 15 Canadian universities from six different provinces meet every year. 

St. Clair College

The photos in the left and right columns were  taken by Photo Voltaic in 2014 with the exception of that taken of the University of British Columbia in 2015.

Université Laval

In 2007, the finals for the competition were broadcast live via the web courtesy of Discovery   The event was hosted by Queens University in Kingston, Ontario where the Universite de Sherbrooke successfully defended their national title.

Université de Sherbrooke

In 2013, ETS qualified for the U.S. National Concrete Canoe Competition by winning the Upstate New York Conference and went on to win the first U.S. title ever held by a Canadian team.

Mcgill University

Additional information regarding the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition can be found on here.

University of Toronto


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2017 CNCCB/Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) - 23rd Annual Competition
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, May 11-13, 2017

École Polytechnique Montréal Wins in Canada

The 2017 Canadian National Concrete Competition was hosted by the University of Laval. Polytechnic Montreal won the Canadian title in a field of consisting of 14 entries. A team from Universite de Sherbrooke placed second followed by one from Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS).

École Polytechnique Montréal fielded "Spirit of Adventure."

2017 CNCCC Website

2016 CNCCB/Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) - 22nd Annual Competition
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 13-15, 2016

ETS Wins 5th Canadian Title

The 2016 Canadian National Concrete Competition was hosted by McGill University. Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS) won their fifth Canadian title in a field of 14 entries.  The Université Laval (Laval) finished second while the Universite de Sherbrooke placed third. ETS later traveled southward to win their second U.S. title in the 2016 National Concrete Canoe Competition.

ETS fielded "LETSGO" in 2016.

The ETS team traveled everywhere behind a pair of drums throughout the U.S. Competition

2015 CNCCB/Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) - 21st Annual Competition
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 8-10, 2015

Laval Secures 12th Canadian Victory

The 2015 Canadian National Concrete Competition was hosted by the University of Toronto. The Université Laval (Laval) successfully defended their Canadian title in a field of consisting of 12 entries. Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS) placed second followed by one from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal.

Laval fielded "Bluenose V."

2015 CNCCC Website

Here's how one Canadian team warmed up before racing their canoe...
"Sweat baby sweat... You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery channel" - produced by Queen's U (Ontario) in Quebec City at the 2011 CNCCC
Concrete Canoe Workout Video

2014 CNCCB/Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) - 20th Annual Competition
Sherbrooke, Quebec, May 9-11, 2014

Laval Secures 11th Canadian Victory

The 2014 Canadian National Concrete Competition was hosted by the Universite de Sherbrooke. The Université Laval (Laval) won the competition.  Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS), the defending U.S. National Champion, placed second followed by the host school in third.

Laval fielded "Maximus."

This is the eleventh time that Laval has won the Canadian National Title. At this year's competition, they finished first in the design paper and oral presentation, placed second in the final product, and won all of the races. Laval will compete this June as the New England Conference representative at the 2014 U.S. National Concrete Canoe Competition.

2014 CNCCB/CNCCC Website

About CSCE

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) became the official sponsor of the CNCCC in 2013.  

Concordia University

The CSCE is a learned society created to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada.

Dalhousie University

They also strive to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession.

École Polytechnique Montréal

In June of 2012, the Board of Directors approved the following three strategic directions for CSCE:

University of Waterloo

1) enhanced services to members
CSCE will provide services and benefits to members within all areas of civil engineering activity, targeted to their specific career development needs;

Université de Moncton

 2) growing with youth
CSCE will develop programs and benefits that will support students and Young Professionals, targeted to their specific career development needs; and,

University of Western Ontario

3) leadership in sustainable infrastructure
CSCE will influence how public infrastructure in Canada is planned, designed, constructed and maintained.

Queen's University

These directions will be integrated into all aspects of  CSCE’s operation over the coming years. 

Ryerson University

Additional information about the CSCE can be found here.

University of British Columbia