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About these Planned Competitions

We've reserved this partition for announcements related to competitions which are/were in the planning states.

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2010 1st Oman Concrete Canoe Competition (OCCC)
Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, April 1-8, 2010

H1N1 Delays Inaugral Concrete Canoe Competition

The Civil and Architectural Engineering Society (CAES) at Sultan Qaboos University was planning to establish an Oman Concrete Canoe Competition (OCCC) during the Muscat Festival in 2010, but it had to be cancelled because of H1N1.

2010 1st Turkish Concrete Canoe Competition (OCCC)
Location: Halic
Dates: June/July

Turkey Plans Concrete Canoe Competition

We learned from a student at the Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey... that plans were underway to organize a concrete canoe competition there in 2010. The inaugural competition was targeted to be held June/July in Halic, a horn shaped estuary that bifurcates the European side of Istanbul. However, there is no evidence that this competition was held.

About Expanding Coverage

We would like to expand our coverage in this partition, so please contact us if you have more information  about concrete canoe competitions in the planning stages.

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